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Muscle Cars You Can Afford

Want to get behind the wheels of a muscle car without selling off the wife and kids? Here are a few great options that will get you there.

Ford Torino GT (1970-71)

Ford remodeled its mid-size class of cars in 1970 and America stopped paying attention. Nowadays, they are getting more noticed. With a sleek chassis and high-quality interior, the Torino goes for around $12-16,000.

Pontiac GTO (1973)

The last traditional, mid-size GTO in 1973 had the same body as the new Grand Am models. They came with a 230-hp, 6.6 liter V-8 and now sell for between $12-21,000.

AMC Hornet SC/360 (1971)

AMC built only 784 of these muscled-up versions of their Hornet. The four-barrel, 285-hp 360-cubic-inch motor makes it truly special among AMC muscles. Price ranges from $23-31,000.

Ford Maverick Grabber (1971-75)

At 210-hp, the Maverick Grabber was pretty weak for a muscle car, but it sure had the look. It is also really easy to work on and costs around $6-10,000.

Dodge Dart Sport 360 (1974-76)

The fastest sedan built in America, and second overall to just the Corvette, the Dodge Dart Sport was a shining light in the nadir of American power in the mid-70s. This beauty would freight-train to 121.8 mph, and now goes for just $5-8,500.

Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 WS6 (1979)

While Smokey and the Bandit made the Pontiac Firebird popular and pushed up collection prices, the Formula 400 WS6 has gone under the radar. It was not as flashy, but came with the 220-hp, true Pontiac 400 V8, and those beautiful snowflake wheels. You can find one for between $11-17,000.

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