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Summer doesn't give your engine a break. High temperatures can affect your motor oil's performance, even more so if your engine is equipped with a turbocharger or direct fuel injection. Summer heat can't be beaten, but there's a solution for your engine- higher quality lubrication from AMSOIL.

Summer subtracts additives

Heat depletes additives much sooner than cooler ambient temperatures. This alters the oil chemistry and keeps it from lubricating, cooling and protecting, causing sludge to form. Sludge clogs and prevents oil from reaching your engine's vital components causing additional wear. High temperatures also cause motor oil to evaporate, or volatilize, forming deposits on intake valves blocking airflow and causing poor sealing of the engine's combustion chamber. All this leads to reduced power and fuel efficiency which leads to reduced funds in your wallet!

Emerging emissions

Motor oil volatilization creates emissions. These emissions add to air pollution. Used motor oil contains tiny particles of metals from engine wear and tear. Once exposed to extreme heat, the oil's chemical makeup changes becoming heavier. This "heavier" oil can build up in your engine and the environment.

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil recently exceeded expectations in a Double-Length Sequence IIIG Engine Test. The motor oil temperature during testing reached 302°F. That’s even higher than the race inspired Z06 Corvette! The Signature Series is proven to control piston deposits, cam/lifter wear and viscosity increases despite the increased heat. So before you trade in your motorcycle for a bicycle, call 815-570-4645 and consult AMSOIL to find the right high-quality motor oil for your ride. 

AMSOIL the first in synthetics® has  been raising the bar for motor oil performance for years. And next time someone says your Mopar is "hot", let them know- your engine is cool as can be with AMSOIL under the hood.

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