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Oil Changes Do Not Need to Be as Frequent

Many times you will hear that you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, and that may be true in some cases. However, if you use the proper synthetic oil and do not drive in extremely long periods and harsh conditions, then it is most likely that this "rule of thumb" no longer applies to you. We have previously talked about the different benefits that come with using synthetic oil on your engine, in our Use Synthetic Oil in Your Car post. Today, at First Place Oils in Lockport, IL we would like to address the matter of how many miles you can go before having to get your oil changed. Keep reading to find out more about this important topic in your vehicle's routine maintenance.

Using Synthetic Oil Results in Less Frequent Oil Changes for Your Engine

In the past, the recommended period to change your oil in was every 3,000 miles. Most cars could go no further than that without needing an oil change because of the sludge buildup and the risk of engine parts being damaged due as a result. Now, however there are modern advances in motor oil, specially synthetic oil. Synthetic oil does not allow as much sludge buildup and does a great job at protecting the engine. This means that if you use synthetic oil in your engine, your car can go a lot longer without needing an oil change. In fact, it can go up to twice as long without needing a replacement to keep the engine well-lubricated (in some occasions up to around 5,000 miles).  Yet, you should still check your oil regularly just to keep an eye out for any need to change it before that lapse of time. Furthermore, we recommend taking your vehicle to a mechanic so they can assess its condition and give you a more accurate number on how many miles you should drive before an oil change.

If You Require the Most Efficient Synthetic Oil in Lockport, IL

If you use AMSOIL synthetic oil, your car and your wallet can save a lot on oil because it will not need to be changed as often. Not only that, but employing the best synthetic lubricants on the market can also save you time and money on your vehicle's maintenance, allowing it to perform better than ever, and even extend its lifespan. If you require the best synthetic oil in Lockport, IL, or if you'd like some guidance on the wide variety of AMSOIL top-of-the-line products for your vehicle, feel free to contact First Place Oils. If you're ready to place an order on AMSOIL oil in Lockport, IL today, call (815) 570 4645 now. They'll gladly help you keep your engine in the best condition possible.

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