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Going on vacation during summer is an excellent idea. Whether you are taking your friends or family, this season offers great opportunities and you have to seize them. Keep in mind that you are not the only one affected by the summer heat and your engine can also overheat. That's why at First Place Oils in Joliet, we created the following post containing useful tips to avoid this problem.

Summer Maintenance Tips

Inspect the Cooling System

You should visually inspect your cooling system before you hit the road, this way you will make sure your engine will keep its recommended operating temperature. Check the coolant levels, bets, hoses and other components. Remember that you should never perform these tasks while the engine is hot.

Add Fresh Motor Oil

High temperatures also affect your motor oil and can cause it to oxidize, which will increase wear and corrosion. Fresh oil will remove the heat from your engine more efficiently and reduce friction to ensure the performance of your vehicle.

In Case of Engine Overheating

You should monitor the temperature gauge of your vehicle. If the temperature starts to rise, turn off the air conditioner and roll the windows down. Keep in mind that you should never attempt opening the radiator cap while the vehicle is hot and follow your car's maintenance schedule to avoid any potential problems. Keep in mind that overheating accounts for most car breakdowns. However, there are other mechanical failures that can also represent a setback in your trip, so be sure to read our guide on this topic and find out more about how to prevent these problems.

Synthetic Oil in Joliet

Remember that conventional oils lose their viscosity at high temperatures, which can increase the wear of your engine. However, there are many benefits of choosing synthetic oils that will keep your engine protected under the most extreme conditions. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Joliet, you can trust  First Place Oils for your AMSOIL needs. Call (815) 570-4645 to learn more about our products  

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