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Motorcycle Safety Protocol for Long Distance Rides

Whether it's your first or 701st long ride, you may have some questions and concerns about the road ahead and your motorcycle.

How Far is Far Enough?

How far can you safely ride in a day? Riders with limited vacation who want to cover a lot of ground quickly or reach a destination by a certain time/day ask this question frequently. Simply put, it depends on. You should not plan on more than 400 miles per day unless you are a seasoned vet to the long haul motorcycle ride. Plan to take unhurried meals, see the sites and meet up with friends to make the ride less taxing and more enjoyable.

How Much Gas?

Knowing how far your bike can go on a tank of gas or how far you can go once the low-fuel light comes on is imperative before taking out on a long tour. Make sure your tank is full when filling up before a long leg.

Tire Check

Tires should be checked for safety and added fuel efficiency. Higher speeds, improper inflation, and heavier loads speed up tire wear. Check tires carefully before you leave. Replace if there is any doubt. When on the road check tire condition and pressure every morning before starting out.  

Synthetic Oil in Joliet

Long rides are rides of discovery. You learn again and again just what moves you to travel by motorcycle. First Place Oils knows you want maximum performance and to protect your bike. They offer a complete line of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants for your motorcycle. Call 815-570-4645 or shop online now.

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