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Before you break out your motorcycle, you will want to make sure it is in top shape. Check the chain, wires, lights, and belts. Change the oil, but you are not sure what to replace it with. Here are some reasons why you should baby your bike with synthetic oil.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil for Your Motorcycle

Less Engine Wear

Synthetic oils are man-made, with less contaminants than conventional oils. Less crude means your oil lubricates your engine better, causing less friction and less corrosion.

Lasts Longer

Synthetic oil also lasts longer than regular oil. You can go as much as 15,000 miles before needing an oil change. Less time changing your oil means more time on the road and more money in your pocket.

More Efficient

The molecular structure of synthetic oils are more uniform, smaller, and lighter than crude oil. These traits make the oil molecules slide across each other and other elements more smoothly, and thus more efficiently.

Higher Viscosity

Higher viscosity makes synthetic oil more resistant to heat and cold, meaning you can run your bike in the desert or the snow. Synthetic oil is so heat-resistant that it will not break down on long rides when the engine is running really hot.

Built Tougher

Synthetic oil was first used exclusively for planes because it is more heat resistant. As time went on, experience showed that synthetic oil is also more resistant to the cold. Whether you are pushing your engine to the max with heavy hauls and long trips, or driving in climates of extreme heat or cold, synthetic oil will continue to protect your engine after conventional oil breaks down.

Crude vs. Synthetic

We all know the difficulties in finding, drilling, refining, and transporting oil. These processes take a heavy toll on the natural environment- endangering wildlife, destroying natural landscapes, and resulting in oil spills. Synthetic oils are man-made in a lab, and do not pose anywhere near the environmental risks of natural petroleum.

Drain Intervals

Drain intervals measure how often you change your oil. While there are oil recycling centers, much disposed oil ends up poisoning our environment. Synthetic oils can last as much as five times longer than conventional oils, which means five times less disposed oil.

Improved Performance

Because synthetic molecules are lighter, smaller, and more uniform than those in crude oil, synthetic oil requires less energy to circulate your engine. The saved energy results in higher output and better mileage. Burning less gas is clearly better for the environment.

Burning Oil

Synthetic oil is more resistant to heat and pressure than conventional oil. Synthetic oil maintains viscosity and remains intact while conventional oil burns and exits your exhaust pipe.


The one metric where conventional oil comes out on top is in recycling. Synthetic oil is all new, whereas conventional oil can contain a percentage of previously used oil. While this environmental benefit is considerable, it is unlikely to outweigh the rest.

AMSOIL: The First in Synthetics

As a jet fighter squadron commander, Al Amatuzio saw the benefits of synthetic oils in the aircraft he flew. After years of research, he developed the first synthetic oil for use in automobiles in 1972. It outperformed conventional oil in many ways and started a revolution in lubrication technology. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer, First Place Oils in Crest Hill at (815) 570-4645.

Properties of Synthetic Oil

Uniform Molecules of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil molecules are uniform, so they slide against each other and your engine parts more easily. This makes sure that your entire engine is protected from friction and rust.

Smaller & Lighter Molecules

Molecules in synthetic oil are also smaller and lighter, requiring less energy to move inside your engine. As a result, your engine uses less fuel.

Additives in Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils contain additives for almost any purpose - alkaline additives to neutralize acid build-up in diesel engines, engine cleaning additives, additives that prolong viscosity endurance - you name it, there is a synthetic oil with the additive. Look for the Total Base Number (TBN) for the total amount of additive in your motor oil. The higher the number, the more additives your oil has, and the longer it will last.

For a Synthetic Oil Change in Crest Hill

Get all the benefits of synthetic oil for your motorcycle at your local AMSOIL DealerFirst Place Oils in Crest Hill. We offer the full line of AMSOIL products, from lubricants to filters, fluids, and additives. Give us a call at (815) 570-4645 or shop for yourself at our online store.

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