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The Best Synthetic Oil Products in Joliet, Illinois

At First Place Oils in Joliet, IL, we take Synthetic Oil very seriously. We have years of experience that helps us advise our customers on the best suited products for their needs. We'd like to share some of this knowledge and have compiled an article for your benefit. DO get in touch if you'd like further advice or are keen to purchase any of the awesome Amsoil products on offer.

Synthetic Oil for Your Car in Joliet, Illinois

When you change the oil in your car, you have a variety of options for replacing it. We believe wholeheartedly in synthetic oil. It protects better, improves engine performance, and gives you peace of mind. Let us tell you why.

The Benefit of Synthetic Oil in Joliet, IL

Synthetic oil molecules are uniform, so they slide against each other and your engine parts more easily. This makes sure that your entire engine is protected from friction and rust. Molecules in synthetic oil are also smaller and lighter, requiring less energy to move inside your engine. As a result, your engine uses less fuel.

When your engine heats up, conventional oil can break down. Not synthetic oil. It is more resistant to temperature changes, whether due to extremely hot or cold weather, or to heavy hauls and long trips. Synthetic oil keeps protecting your engine.

Fewer Oil Changes in Joliet, IL

Extended drain intervals is industry jargon for "less oil changes". You do not need to change your synthetic oil every 3,000 or 5,000 miles, as you do with conventional oil. Synthetic oil can keep you on the road for as long as 25,000 miles. That means more time to spend with your family, more money in your pocket, and less oil to dispose.

Synthetic oils contain additives for almost any purpose - alkaline additives to neutralize acid build-up in diesel engines, engine cleaning additives, additives that prolong viscosity endurance - you name it, there is a synthetic oil with the additive. Look for the Total Base Number (TBN) for the total amount of additive in your motor oil. The higher the number, the more additives your oil has, and the longer it will last.

Buy Synthetic Oil in Joliet, IL

Here at First Place Oils in Joliet, IL, we love to talk about synthetic oil. And we would love to convince you that it is what you need for your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat. As the local AMSOIL dealer in the Joliet area, we offer a whole line of synthetic oils, filters, additives, and more for all your automotive needs. 

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The Best Motor Oil to Suit Your Needs in Joliet, IL

There are many types of motor oil, so choose wisely. There are many types of motor oils on the market. Some are better than others, but sometimes it can be confusing to understand what types there are and how to choose one. First Place Oils wants to give you a brief explanation of the types of motor oils there are and which one is the best for your vehicle.

Most Common Types of Motor Oils
  • Conventional Motor oil
This type of oil is the most common and is usually sold everywhere. It is cheap but it does not provide as many benefits for your car and needs to be replaced often. This type of oil can be a problem for drivers that are not very good at checking the oil levels constantly.
  • Premium conventional oil
This is a better version of the most common and commercial motor oils. However it is not always enough for most cars. It can be used with some satisfaction, for really light weight vehicles that are not in constant use. They are also not the best for extreme weather conditions.
  • Synthetic Blend oil
These types of oils offer some advantages that full synthetic oils offer but not all. They may be used with heavier weight vehicles such as trucks and may help with some high heat conditions. They are cheaper than full synthetic oil, but they only offer a fraction of the benefits.
  • Full Synthetic oil
This is the best type of motor oil for almost all types of vehicles. From light weight to heavy duty vehicles it will provide added protection and complete lubrication even in extreme weather conditions. For more information on how to keep your engine cool this summer visit our previous post. Synthetic oil enhances the performance of your engine and keeps it in good condition. It is also perfect for vehicles that are in constant use or that travel a lot of miles at a time.

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The ultimate synthetic oil is Amsoil. It will preserve the life of your engine, while enhancing the performance of your vehicle. If you are looking for the highest quality synthetic oil in Joliet contact First Place Oils

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