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Muscle Trucks You've Never Heard Of

Earlier, we showed you a sampling of obscure muscle cars, and we did not want to leave out the truck ;lovers. Here are a few trucks that are top performers, whether they look the part or not.

1971-72 GMC Sprint SP

The sister to the Chevy El Camino, the Sprint...
Before you break out your motorcycle, you will want to make sure it is in top shape. Check the chain, wires, lights, and belts. Change the oil, but you are not sure what to replace it with. Here are some reasons why you should baby your bike with synthetic oil.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil for Your...


How to Plan for the (Un)Expected on Your Road Trip

If you're feeling a little restless, now might be the perfect time to take the family on a short road trip. After all, fall brings with it a cooler climate and beautiful scenery, what with the leaves changing color. Whether it's a trip to your...
Traveling by car is not always our first choice, but sometimes we are low on cash and it is our only option to take a quick weekend getaway. As you may know, planning ahead is the most important thing in order to save money on a road trip. If you are prepared, you will pay less for services and...

Oil Changes Do Not Need to Be as Frequent

Many times you will hear that you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, and that may be true in some cases. However, if you use the proper synthetic oil and do not drive in extremely long periods and harsh conditions, then it is most likely that this...

Still More AMSOIL Fuel Additives

To finish out our coverage of AMSOIL fuel additives, here are the final entries in the line of products.

Gasoline Stabilizer

The Gasoline Stabilizer is ideal for stored, seasonal equipment- lawn mowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, or classic cars. Gasoline...

Gas and Diesel Fuel Additives from AMSOIL

AMSOIL fuel additives are not just for diesels. Here are a few more of our fuel additives from gas engines as well.

Quickshot® ;

Degraded fuel is a major maintenance problem for small engines and powersports equipment. Water can also enter the tank...

Diesel Fuel Additives from AMSOIL

AMSOIL does not just sell synthetic oil. We have a whole line of products for all of your automotive needs. Here are a few of our diesel fuel additives you should consider.

Diesel Injector Clean

Diesel engines operate at very high temperatures. Highly engineered...